Pokémon ball amigurumi free pattern


Hello crocheters around the world ^_^

So today I’m sharing with you my Pokeball pattern, the pattern is pretty easy and it’s great for beginners. Please don’t copy the pattern anywhere else, and have fun making ypur own pokeball 😉


  • Sc: Single crochet
  • Inc: Increase
  • Dec: decrease
  • Sl st: slip stitch

N.B: working is in continuous rounds.

Yarn: Worsted weight No. 4

Hook: 3 mm


Using Red color

R1: make a magic ring, 6 sc inside (6 sc)

R2: 2scinc all around (12 sc)

R3: 2sc, sc.  repeat till the end of the row.  (18 sc)

R4: 2sc, sc in 2.   repeat   (24 sc)

R5: sc around. (24 sc)

R6: sc around, sl st at the end of the round.   Fasten off  (24 sc)

Switch to Black color:

R7: Sc around, sl st at the end of the round. Fasten off (24 sc)

Switch to white color:

R8: sc around, sl st at the end o f the round  (24 sc)

R9: sc around, don’t sl st, cont. (24 sc)

R10: dec, sc in 2 , repeat  (18 sc)

start fill with fiber

R11: dec, sc, repeat   (12 sc)

R12: dec all around, sl st at last, cont. filling with fiber, then sew the gap.

The bottom:

With white yarn:

R1: Make a magic ring, 6 sc inside. (6 sc)

switch to black yarn:

R2: 2 sc, sc, repeat , sl st  (9 sc)

N.B: round 2 will create a nice puff for round 1.

sew them together.

Have fun ^_^

I’ll be sooo happy to see your work, you can send it to me at g.storee@yahoo.com and I’ll share it here, or you can add it at ravelry projects ^_^




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